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The work of Jan Montyn structured according to themes within his life and work. A presentation.

Montyn's work

Jan Montyn’s work documents a life of upheaval and tension, of love and emotion, and most of all, of travel. To the Maghreb, where he lived with the Berbers. To Korea, Japan, China and India. But his main love was South-East Asia. He was there in times of war and immense suffering. He experienced the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia and the military junta in Burma. On his travels, he did a great deal of humanitarian work, working as a volunteer on child-refugee transits, in refugee camps and on medication transits. He processed the tensions of these periods in personal sanctuaries in Thailand and Buddhist temples in the Himalayas and further afield. These contrasting periods of tension and relaxation, as well as his overwhelming love for the landscape, are clearly visible in his work. His etchings employ a completely unique style of imagery, making every piece clearly recognisable as a Jan Montyn. His work now spans over 50 years of turmoil and emotion, and his etchings, sketches, series and special editions testify to his amazing experiences. This website has therefore been created to showcase his work and his experiences.

A number of works of art have been collected to represent each aspect of Jan Montyn’s life. These themed presentations give a brief yet telling insight into the life and work of Jan Montyn.

These presentations can be used to help make selections for the ‘Oeuvre’ database. You can find more information about the life of Jan Montyn at www.janmontyn.com.