If you have any information over the artwork which is not yet included in this website, please contact us. Thank you for helping us to continually improve the quality of this website.


"eyes that have seen more than human sight can handle"

Jan Montyn


The goal of www.janmontyncollection.com is to showcase Jan Montyn’s world: a world that is clearly etched into his oeuvre. We want to introduce visitors to and further promote his work, but most of all, we want you to enjoy the collections.

In addition, we have striven to open up his body of work, to connect it with themes from his life and to provide relevant background information. Based on these presentations, visitors can select their own favourite pieces and gain further insight into their background and origins. The intention is that this information will form the basis for creating further publications and studies.

The core of this website is formed by the work of Jan Montyn. These works of art have been grouped according to particular themes in his life and work.

Effectively, www.janmontyncollection.com is a user access point to a large database made up of Jan Montyn’s entire body of work. The database is structured according to the notes he kept over the years. The individual pieces can be added to this structure in the form of descriptions, information and photos.

The descriptions and photos will feature works from a wide variety of art collections. The number of collections featured will be gradually expanded in order to eventually create a comprehensive picture of the work of Jan Montyn.

For his unique works, such as mono prints, sketches, gouaches and paintings, we can never hope to achieve completeness. For these unique works, it will suffice to simply feature the pieces included in the featured art collections and the descriptions of the pieces as recorded in Jan Montyn’s own notes.

The featured works of art are arranged according to a number of themes from his life and work. This classification enables a wide range of choices in the ‘Oeuvre’ section. These themes were also selected based on drawings in his notes and comments on the reverse side of the pieces.

The current classification is a first draft. This version (version 1.0) does not claim to be either complete nor accurate. The classification of Jan Montyn’s work therefore requires phased or periodic improvement. The intention is to improve the quality gradually and over time, to make use of other sources such as catalogues, articles and books.

Anyone in possession of pieces by Jan Montyn or information regarding particular pieces can potentially make a huge contribution to the improvement of the quality. We therefore dearly hope that the owners of pieces not included in the database will get into contact with us. We would also like to hear from you if you have better and/or supplementary information regarding any of the pieces. You can contact us by e-mail at info@janmontyncollection.com.